Reflecting on the Process

It’s strange. I did outline this. I did plan for unveiling some historical context for Thomas with the intent to ramp things up toward the climax. Trouble was I didn’t plan for who or how much exactly so in came the lawyer friend that got mentioned in the beginning of the book but never showed up.

So… info dump and a lot of it. My apologies and most likely more is coming in the next episode too. This all needs to come out – the words need to come out so they can be looked at when it comes time for revision. I know that when that time comes all of this information will need to be rearranged. Daemon’s appearance will need to be timed sooner. All of this information that’s being vomited right now will have to be parsed out throughout the book.

It’s got to be like ice cream. You eat it all at once, you get sick – but if you eat it a little at a time, you absorb it and enjoy it. It becomes a revelation. And that needs to happen for Thomas and I realize that’s not what’s happening for him right now. He’s just getting all of this all at once and by all rights none of this should be sinking in. Because I screwed up. He is at the point in the story where he should be reaching revelation but he doesn’t even have the foundation of the puzzle yet, much less the final piece.

So I apologize. This is the “vomit draft” after all. And in the past, this would be the point where I would start my book completely over from the beginning. But not this time. I am going to finish vomiting these words and get this story to the end. Just consider this my note to self that this aspect needs to be corrected.

7 thoughts on “Reflecting on the Process

    1. Oh okay, maybe it’s not the complete info dump that I thought it was? I got half way through it I just felt like that what it was. Then I finished it and felt like most of it was useless. Like in the end it really didn’t change the course of what Thomas would do. Well no, I suppose it might have. It certainly strengthen his resolve for what needed to be done in any case.

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      1. I don’t think it’s a bad idea to spread it out a bit more, or even to move it earlier in the story, but I do like how his entrance into the story really feels like a turning point because of all the questions he answers. Maybe instead of spreading out the answers, in the next edit you could build up the questions a bit more (because even though I liked it, I do admit that a lot of the lore he presents was stuff I personally hadn’t thought to wonder about until he came in)


      2. That’s a good point. And I did enjoy the verbal exchange that went on between Daemon and Thomas so I’m thinking that maybe he should visit early and more often to discuss little questions at a time. I do think finding his aunt’s journal when he does is the right timing, but all the rest of it could be spread out more without hurting anything and possibly enhance the story more.

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      3. I really do like Daemon’s first appearance marking a turning point, though. I feel like if you introduce the character a lot earlier before you’re ready to put most of the cards on the table it’ll take away from his dramatic entrance….


      4. Oh that’s true. Maybe just have Thomas asking the questions that Daemon answers sooner but Thomas is too busy to figure them out sooner then? Or have Thomas figure some of this out on his own some other way. Hmm… I mean there is Galen after all with old books – before his shop got blown up.

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