Welcome to the work station of the Experiment #5 Project. This is where the nuts and bolts of all my writing will be happening for this series.

I intend for this series to blend genres so for now I am classifying it as speculative fiction. I want to write from the heart now and let the books figure out where they belong later.

If you don’t fully understand what speculative fiction means, read the links below. I’m personally fond of the last quote in the second link.

Because this blog is a work station, the entire site will always be a work in progress and under construction. There will be things here for my eyes only. There will be things available for beta readers. There will be things open for the public. And every thing here is subject to change at my will. Without warning and without apology. It is my work station.

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Experiment #5: Surge of the Soul EaterĀ (NaNoWriMo Draft)