Camp NaNo Progress Made Yesterday

I sifted through and revised 3209 words as I redrafted a chapter in Surge of the Soul Eater. I didn’t add those words to NaNo tracker since I was reordering scenes with a ton of copy/paste with tweeking to smooth it over.

I added 1293 words during the revision process of the “Consign” episode in the Nusquamton Archives. This brings the episode to a grand total of 8185 now.

I’m starting to think I actually write novellas rather than short stories based on the complexity of my plots. Short stories are supposed to be simple and direct while novellas have increased involvement but without the investment of a full novel.

You can have a short story up to 20-30k words (depends on where you look for the definition) so long as it’s singular in focus. I don’t think I can achieve “singular focus” with the Nusquamton episodes.

Word count wise, novellas start around 7500 minimum. Since most people nowadays define short stories less than that minimum, I think redefining my format gives me more room to breathe. You wouldn’t think making this one small change would make a big difference, but it does.


4 thoughts on “Camp NaNo Progress Made Yesterday

  1. It’s kinda funny – the short stories I write never seem to meet the ‘short story’ minimum word count… and yet they’re too long to be called flash fiction! A 20K short story is almost unheard of for me.


    1. You rarely see those called short stories these days. I think they get marketed as either “long reads” or “short novellas”. I suppose in the end it doesn’t matter what you call the format, since a story is still just a story – isn’t it?

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