Camp NaNo has Begun!

So let’s sharpen those pencils, fire up the laptops, and get cracking!

This month I’ll be working on both revising Surge of the Soul Eater and writing episodes for the Nusquamton Archives. I’m going to pants the heck out of the short story series while trying to make progress with the novel.

Knowing me with how my brain is right now, I’m not going to be able to settle on just one thing. Current word count goal for the month is 1000 every day. Hopefully I can hit this modest goal – not going to push myself as hard as NaNoWriMo (well that’s the plan anyway but we’ll see).

Any who… I wish you all luck and hope you enjoy the month!

The Demons That Guide Us – Outline

In keeping with how the original series started, I will be working with the randomized Tarot themes. This story has evolved to some extent already, but still needs to be reworked from the ground up. I think it’s reached a point that I need to start from scratch with it in a way. So here is a very basic “panster” themed based outline that I will be building on.

If you’re not familiar with this method of outlining, click here. Basically I’m just working with symbolism and concepts while writing, allowing the characters to drive the plot forward. And yes, it does make for a lot of rewriting at times but it’s a rewarding process for me. Continue reading “The Demons That Guide Us – Outline”

Outline Complete

Spent all day today pounding out the details of my book’s outline. Sorry I have that post locked, but… spoilers. I can think of only one or two people at the moment that I’m willing to let see the outline at this stage. My sister is one of them.

Oddly though I almost feel like I have a plan for a short story series rather than a plan for a single book. I’m suddenly worried I don’t have enough material planned – like do I have enough dead bodies planned, or do I have enough fights lined up, and should I bother with a hint of romance at all – but I suppose that’s where letting the characters drive will come into play. Now to just flesh out the characters and give them life so they can drive when it comes time to write.