Camp NaNo Progress Update #1

Yesterday’s word count 4498. So much for taking it easy this run! I spent the entire day writing a new chapter in Surge of the Soul Eater to accommodate moving scenes from the end to the beginning. After that I had to revise the next chapter to smooth things over and tie it all in.

It’s odd to me how for a long time I had no strong desire to revise this book, but when Scribophile introduced the Beta Spotlight (which allows you to post without karma but readers won’t earn karma if they critique it), I just threw the entire book up there. I had three chapters in a Personal Spotlight before that and I felt like all I was doing was revising just those constantly. Drove me nuts. Now I have readers moving forward in the book and suddenly there is a desire to stay ahead of them so they aren’t stuck with Beta Spotlight chapters. Turned out this was the best thing I could do to get the motivation I was missing.

I may need to do the same with the Nusquamton Archives. Just throw in the original episodes into Beta Spotlights. This project is discovery writing, and I do have a few readers who have been more than willing to discuss and brainstorm with me. They ask such wonderful questions that get me thinking.

I’m just thrilled now to be a part of the Scribophile community and have the opportunity to network with fellow writers. Especially right now during a NaNo event. There is so much encouragement and support here. I don’t feel like I’m writing in a vacuum and I’m learning a lot in the process.


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