Surge of the Soul Eater – Episode 20

Thomas fired his gun three times yet he missed with every shot. Peccant didn’t appear to dodge. He didn’t appear to be moving very fast at all. Yet his backhand swing connected unexpectedly to Thomas’ face which sent him sprawling to the floor. Thomas scrambled to his feet and ran for cover in the back behind the pews. How did that man move so fast? He hurled himself around the back pillar hoping to come around for another round of shots only to discover Rue waiting for him. Continue reading “Surge of the Soul Eater – Episode 20”


Surge of the Soul Eater – Episode 19

Exhaustion threatened to consume Thomas as he tried to shift the weight of the beams off of him. One wrong move and the whole mess would crush him. It was the worst game of pick up sticks he ever played. Dirt, debris, and cobwebs sprinkled down in his face as he inched another beam aside. Finally a wider swath of light broke through, gifting him with fresher air. Continue reading “Surge of the Soul Eater – Episode 19”

Surge of the Soul Eater – Episode 17

At this point they were stuck against what was left of the wall between the parlor and the kitchen. The moon loomed over them in the clear bright sky. Thomas scanned the wreckage of Galen’s old shop around them. The scant shadows offered little cover for them to duck into if they chose to run. Ryker’s scuffed shoes crunched through the rubble as he took a few unsteady steps closer to them. His gun continued to point in their direction. Continue reading “Surge of the Soul Eater – Episode 17”

Surge of the Soul Eater – Episode 16

Thomas stood in the center of the office and scanned the room. Daemon’s letter said to look for where the Hall of Sorrows hangs. His heart grew heavy as he noted how empty the room felt with the loss of the vases and paintings. Well, save the one painting. The appraisers didn’t see the painting behind the drapes and Daemon didn’t instruct him to remove the concealing runes from it. They didn’t see the painting at all. They only saw a blank wall. Thomas walked over to the painting and carefully lifted it from its mountings. Continue reading “Surge of the Soul Eater – Episode 16”

Surge of the Soul Eater – Episode 15

Four men, two from the front and two from the side sliding door, wearing matching denim overalls and leather work boots got out of the van. Two of these men assisted another man, dressed in a stark black suit, out of the van. He wore a black wool overcoat with a white silk scarf draping his broad shoulders and leaned heavily upon his walking cane despite appearing young. Even as he leaned on the cane, he towered over the four men. A pair of wire rimmed glasses with dark lens hid his eyes. His raven black hair was pulled tightly back at the nape of his neck. Discomfort paled his otherwise olive skin. Continue reading “Surge of the Soul Eater – Episode 15”

Surge of the Soul Eater – Episode 12

Fog ulcerated the ground around them. Forming a circle, it grasped towards the clouds as if to claim the heavens. Thomas sensed the fog shielded them from the rest of the world somehow. Still holding hands, they backed away from the sidewalk onto the grass where it was clear of the fog. The tittering filled the wall of white surrounding them. Rhae unsheathed Astrum Kotero. The sound rang out with a high clear tone, silencing the brood. Warily they stepped out to the edge of the grass. A pair to flank each side of the white woman. Continue reading “Surge of the Soul Eater – Episode 12”