Camp NaNo Progress Update #1

Yesterday’s word count 4498. So much for taking it easy this run! I spent the entire day writing a new chapter in Surge of the Soul Eater to accommodate moving scenes from the end to the beginning. After that I had to revise the next chapter to smooth things over and tie it all in. Continue reading “Camp NaNo Progress Update #1”


Nusquamton Archives

Throughout the mortal realm are dimensional beings providing services to humans on Earth that they aren’t aware they need. One such being is Nusquamton, the Pleasant Regions of the Miserable. Taking the form of a simple brick apartment building, and with the assistance of its Keeper, it offers respite to those with wounded souls and the opportunity to heal themselves. In return, it feeds upon the energy generated from their misery. Such the way it’s been for millennia. However the balance has shifted, and something must change if they are to survive.

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