Camp NaNo Prep Update

I finished writing the short story episode, “The Demons That Consign Us”, introducing Eddie yesterday. Current draft 3,290 words total and it’s nothing like the original Eddie’s intro episode posted over on the Chaos Pen.

I finished rewriting “The Demons That Bind Us” prior to that. This is Clarissa’s intro episode and its current draft is now 7,426 total and still needs polishing. I’m debating whether or not I should bring back the poetic prose into it that was lost when I wrote it from a deeper POV.

It’s taking longer than I expected to sort this out and rewrite the earlier episodes. I think I’m okay with it since I feel this time around I’m laying down the ground work for the story arcs that are coming as well as establishing back story that didn’t exist before.

I’m still mostly writing from off the cuff so to speak since I have no idea at the moment how this series will end. I hope I can finish it without losing sight of the project. Preferably I should whip up a rough outline for the series prior to the start of Camp NaNo.

I feel like there is so much to do still and unlike last November, I don’t feel ready for it. A part of me says that it doesn’t matter: just write and sort it out later. The other part of me fears that I will land myself in the same overwhelmed boat of revising as I’m in with “Surge of the Soul Eater” and I don’t want to be there.

I guess the best I can do is to keep mind mapping and outlining as I go.


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