Discovering Scapple

I’ve discovered Scapple and… holy cow I love this program! It let’s you build mind maps with it and you can drag and drop them right into Scrivener (if you have it).

My notes on campus back in college would often end up being mind maps by the time the lecture was done. But… the paper mess was just that, a mess, and I would have to organize all of it and type it all up into a tidy outline. All those stupid college notes I posted in my LiveJournal account? Yeah, that’s how those came about. It’s how my brain works best because it lets me visually map out all the webbing of thought that goes on in my head.

So I got the program and gave it a spin by starting out with a character sketch for Clarissa. This is what I came up with:


So I already knew her backstory and I knew most of what I want to do with “The Demons That Bind Us” but there are aspects of her that weren’t coming across. The stuff on the white background deals with her as a person and the brown boxes are the backstory and the two short stories I’ve written about her thus far. Using the map of her, I was able to flesh out “Bind” more and hopefully make it more accessible to readers. It still needs a ton of polishing.

At least now I have something to work with to sort out the mess in my head and now I’m starting to work on mapping the rest of the series.

Has anyone else used this program and what do you think of it?


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