Explaining the Nusquamton Project

I thought I would take a moment to explain what this project is to those visiting for the first time.

The Nusquamton Archives started out as randomized writing challenge. It was that simple and complex. I began with visiting the Seventh Sanctum’s General Person Generator and generated four characters: two males and two females. The idea was these people would be living in the same apartment building and I would be writing stories about them using randomized story prompts with a combination of the Seventh Sanctum’s Writing Challenge Generator and six Tarot cards as basic themed plot points. To see how these challenges are set up, visit my sister’s blog here where I post the challenges for others to use.

With the very first challenge a demon needed to be involved and thus Korg was born. In the beginning the short stories were stand alone, but they slowly started to link together and an overarching plot emerged. Something else started to emerge too. Topics and themes buried in my heart I didn’t usually touch. Things I’d rather forget. Things I wish didn’t exist. Things I hated. It became harder to write. It hurt. I was shutting down.

I reached out and spoke to my therapist about it. Let me just say first and foremost this therapist is the best I’ve ever had. She told me that I need to keep writing. I need to dig deep inside myself and be honest with what’s there. It didn’t matter if I never told her what I wrote. It didn’t matter if no one ever saw it. I just need to write it. I need to get it out. But even as I wrote it, as I bled the words out, I realized it did matter that someone sees it. There are others out there that feel just as broken, just as lost, and just as alone. There are others out there searching and hoping for their “happy ever after” and like me believe that there has to be a way to find it – even if it doesn’t look the same as everyone else’s.

These words are for them. The dreams, the hopes, the fears, the journeys, the seeds that sprout and grow. The people that follow my blog. The people that walk the halls in the hospital at my side. The clinicians and specialists that guide me and my children. A love letter to the community I hold dear. We are Nusquamton. We are the tenants. We are Korg.

This is NOT realistic fiction. It is poetic prose. It is cross genre fiction. Literary, Urban Fantasy, Paranormal, Horror, Romance, Erotica, Suspense, Science Fiction – whatever else I need to tell this tale will be used without apology and without shame.


2 thoughts on “Explaining the Nusquamton Project

    1. I didn’t either and now I don’t remember how I found it. The site has all kinds of random generators – for RPG’ers (which come to think of it, is probably how I found it) and writers. Some of it is hilarious.

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