The Demons That Guide Us – Outline

In keeping with how the original series started, I will be working with the randomized Tarot themes. This story has evolved to some extent already, but still needs to be reworked from the ground up. I think it’s reached a point that I need to start from scratch with it in a way. So here is a very basic “panster” themed based outline that I will be building on.

If you’re not familiar with this method of outlining, click here. Basically I’m just working with symbolism and concepts while writing, allowing the characters to drive the plot forward. And yes, it does make for a lot of rewriting at times but it’s a rewarding process for me.

So essentially this is a map of a journey. How it unfolds is dependent upon the character(s) embarking it and how well you know them – and yourself. Already I can see this is a tale of confusion, grieving, and transformation. But look at Temperance in the beginning. This suggests that this journey was embarked with intent – it wasn’t stumbled or thrust upon the character. This journey was sought out. And now I think I know why this story hasn’t been working for me when I consider who the main character is supposed to be.

If this was a bonus Chaos Pen Challenge, what would you do with it? I’m curious.


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