Ideas for the Next Book Germinating

I posted my initial idea on my life blog, The Art of Chaos, and I’ll be damned if I can’t find the post now. But that’s fine I haven’t forgotten the idea: a Lilim named Octavia bound to serve Thomas’ family, and attempting to pursue a relationship with Rue, finds out she is really a simulacrum. I want to write a book exploring that idea.

Now when I wrote that first post, all I had was a vague image in my head of Ocatvia’s “Point of No Return” for the story and I was feeling it was going to be fluffy, fun, and out goofy piece because… OCTAVIA. I just… geeze this girl. She makes me smile and I regret that I never really write about her much in my shirt stories. But yesterday for whatever reason while working on scheduling posts for prompts on Chaos Pen, I suddenly had the climax worked out in my head for her. It was not fluffy, fun, or goofy AT ALL. It was emotionally ugly. The villain was completely worked out and made sense to me. And because of that I think the primary plot line will now be dictated to me. Everything else that might happen in the story will have to work around that. Oh the fluffy, fun, and goofy stuff will still be needed because it’s still Octavia and I think I need to balance out the emotional ugly. Who wants to read an entire book of nothing but emotional ugly? I don’t. I’m not sure I can successfully write an entire page of that much less a whole book of it.

And I’m pretty sure that Thomas and Rhae will be making a return due to the nature of the villain. I even have a working title set up now: “Dance of the Living Dolls” and yes, it’s plural. On purpose. I still have the short stories I’ll be drawing from but once again significantly changing. Consider the short stories as character and world development, not continuity, if you happen to ever have read them.

BAH! My fingers are itching to start typing on this but I still have Surge of the Soul Eater to revise. I guess I need to hurry up and get that done. So much to do and never enough time!


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