Self Assessment of the Revision Process

Okay so I’ve been making some very slow progress with the revision of my novel here. I’ve discussed somewhat on my personal blog in this post.

However I think it took me reading Chuck Wendig’s article on the revision process that has finally helped me get a handle on what my issue with revising really is. I feel ready to revise. I feel that it is time to revise. The problem is I don’t really have a clue as to where to start making changes. He says that making the first change is the hardest but you just need to make it. Let the demons out and reclaim your power. Reading that resonated with me deep inside. I mean the guy is amusing as hell, and this is why I follow his blog, but there is raw truth to what he has to say and this time it rang loud and clear for me. I read that paragraph and thought, “I’m afraid to let out the demons.”


I suppose this is where being that newbie author has the greatest advantage because there is no deadline to contend with or meet. But with that said you have the greatest risk of sinking and never being seen. I’m aware of this and it’s frightening. Why are any of us afraid to let out these demons? It’s just word vomit on a page after all. My logical self knows this yet my emotional self is pulling a Gollum on me screaming, “My PRECIOUS.”


So I’m currently still sitting on just a list of scenes at the moment that I need to organize and identify as to whether they belong to the main plot or a subplot. I did find today a helpful article on outlining scenes that I think I will be utilizing soon. In any case, if I wish to remain committed to my goal of getting this book published I need to just bite the bullet, thump my inner Gollum on the head, and start making the changes that I think need to be made.


I believe a greater assertion of self discipline is in order here if I’m ever going to get the first true draft done.


2 thoughts on “Self Assessment of the Revision Process

  1. There is a lot of truth here. This is a very honest view of where you are right now, and an interesting read. All the best of luck with the revision. I’m sure you’ll do a great job! 🙂


    1. Thank you. I started this particular blog the hopes of just sharing my experience with NaNoWriMo and the writing process. The challenge I’m having now is remembering where to post what because this is still my life and what I’m doing. So sometimes I have to link things back between blogs. Such is life I suppose.

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