Surge of the Soul Eater – Synopsis

Experiment is the expected failure to deliberately learn something. ~ Scott Berkun

Thomas was tired of being an errand boy. He yearned for the day when he finally could call the shots. Maybe then he could go out and find his twin sister he had been separated from at birth. Like always though, the Fates laughed at him and he was stuck here as a glorified gofer. Although the day started out as a routine acquisition for Thomas and his friend, Rhae, things ended up taking an unexpected dark turn. Now people were showing up dead and not from natural means as normal sight would suggest. Who or what was the cause of these paranormal deaths and for what reason? To find out, Thomas needed to learn how to call the shots, save the day, and somehow not blow himself up in the process.


Read Experiment #5: Surge of the Soul Eater from the beginning



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